Black Tie Transportation New York opened its New York Office in 2004. Under the leadership of Irishman Eddie Wiley, Black Tie Transportation New York is building its reputation based o­n superior and excellent service. Eddie’s experience coupled with his professionalism has made him an integral part of Black Tie’s success in the Tri-State Area.


With our “Worldwide Affiliate” network, we can handle all of your ground transportation, Whether in Los Angeles, New York or any other major city.


During these tough economic times, we at Black Tie Transportation have a full understanding of the cost involved in all aspects of travel and we feel that we offer you the best value for your money. Whether you are traveling alone or in a group we guarantee that you will not beat Black Tie’s rates or service.







            When you choose Black Tie Transportation,

                                                               we promise you will not be disappointed...




        At Black Tie, our mantra is "SAFETY...first and foremost".

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